Most couples know that they want good pictures of their wedding but often they have little idea what they will have to do to get them. After trawling through a number of websites you have found someone who’s pictures you like. The question now is…

What will it feel like to be photographed by this photographer on my wedding day?


I can’t tell you what you’ll feel like on your wedding day but countless couples have confirmed that my pre-wedding shoots really have helped them to relax in front of the camera on the actual day.

In a very low key session, I will show you how to stand, what to do with your hands, how to hold your bouquet and answer a multitude of other queries you have buzzing around your head.Then we’ll put everything into practice by taking some pictures.  Once I’ve edited them you’ll be able to see them online and hopefully, the penny will drop and you’ll realize that it wasn’t so impossible after all.

The experience you gain will make such a difference on your wedding day. You will feel more relaxed because you’ve done it before. You will feel more confident because you’ve seen pictures of yourselves you love. Now you can be sure that your wedding day pictures will be wonderful.

When I photograph you on your wedding day you won’t be asked to jump through hoops (unless you want to). It’s really a gentle balance between posing and not even being aware of the camera at all.

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