Every couple hopes their wedding will be the best day of their lives. With the right attitude and some sound advice I certainly hope they achieve that.

For those who aren’t quite sure how to go about getting there, here are my tips.

1. Don’t make any rushed decisions you might regret before you know more.
2. Become an expert by finding out about everything. Read wedding magazines, visit wedding fairs, and speak to anyone who’s just got married. It’s just nuts to make decisions and choices without understanding the options.
3. Don’t assume anything. Read the small print, as it might be important.
4. Ask questions from people in the business, pick their brains, most people are only too keen to pass on their advice.
5. Never be embarrassed to ask and ask again because you will gain confidence with knowledge.
6. Make a good schedule of the day’s events. Start with the bare bones and gradually fill in the details as you collect more information. Timing is everything. Once a well thought out plan is made, give a copy to everyone involved and tell them to stick to it. Stick to it yourselves.
7. Delegate responsibility as it’s impossible to do everything yourselves especially as the day draws near. Asking someone to do something for your wedding can be an honour they will be proud to undertake.
8. If you either have no time or don’t enjoy planning things perhaps a wedding planner would be a good investment. They may save you money on some things through their contacts.
9. Be pragmatic and realistic as not everything is always possible.
10. Hire a great photographer whose pictures and attitude you love because you want to remember the best day of your lives in the best way possible.
11. Make sure you order an album. It’s permanent, it’s real, it needs no technology to work, it’s a distillation of the whole and it will become the basis of your memories of the best day of your lives.
12. Relax and enjoy your day whatever happens. If everything was perfect life would be boring and predictable. It is the mistakes, the errors and the cock-ups that make life interesting. And it’s how we deal with them that make us who we are.


I hope that this list of tips helps you plan your perfect day. Good luck.

All the best

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