1. You can only make a good decision when you know the difference between the options and so become the expert. As an expert, you’ll often save yourself money by not paying for things you don’t want or need.
  2. Think about the time of year of your wedding day – how it affects hours of daylight, temperature, weather, flowers etc
  3. Pick a suitable venue for what you want to do. If it rains and everything is inside will there be room for everyone and somewhere to take pictures? Your photographer can advise you.
  4. Discuss your ideas with all the parties involved, the venue organizer, photographer, celebrant, drivers, caterer, band, hairdresser and make-up artist etc.
  5. Listen to advice from people who have worked in the wedding business.
  6. Don’t make a timetable before everyone has been consulted and you understand the implications.
  7. Choose a dress that suits you, flatters your shape and you can dance in – if you want to dance.
  8. By all means get yourself “Jimmy’s shoos” but perhaps have something else to change into if the grass is wet.
  9. If you’re keen on some outdoor pictures but get cold easily then a warm wrap of some sort could help.




  1. Cast the net wide. You don’t have to have the local snapper. A good photographer will check out a new venue to find the best places for pictures.
  2. When you see portfolios you love, look further. Ask to see complete weddings at the same time of year. Could you see yourselves being photographed like that?
  3. More than anything you want a photographer who can take the kind of pictures you love and want for yourselves.
  4. Choose the style of photography you want. I do the formal groups you want and lots of relaxed as-it-happens pictures that capture the ambiance of the day plus some special portrait shots of yourselves. Check them out in my portfolio.
  5. It’s always better to meet before you book. You’ll want to feel comfortable with your photographer, as they will be close to you for much of your wedding day.
  6. You’ll want to have fun but not be asked to jump through hoops (unless that’s your thing) so ask about how they work and what you’ll need to do.
  7. If you’re not that confident in front of a camera then a pre-wedding shoot is a must. Fear of being photographed won’t give you the pictures you really want.
  8. Make sure you can have what you want in your wedding package and don’t have to pay for things you don’t need.
  9. If you’re having a big evening party choose someone who takes great evening shots and who is prepared to stay after the first dance. I offer to stay until the end so if you’re leaving under an arch of sparklers I can be there to capture the memories.




  1. Make contingency plans for all possible changes and possible what ifs.
  2. Make a timetable that is realistic to follow and try to stick to it.
  3. Make sure everyone involved has a copy of the timetable and agrees with it.
  4. The plans have been made. The stage set. Of course, something won’t be exactly right but it won’t matter.  Enjoy your day; focus on your marriage, your family and friends who are there to support you.

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